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Misdemeanor Criminal Cases Attorney in Toledo, Ohio

Joseph P. Jordan LTD Represents Juvenile and Adult Offenders

Criminal misdemeanor charges can significantly affect a person's future at any age, but young people are especially vulnerable to the consequences. If you or your child have been charged with a crime in the Toledo, OH area, retain the misdemeanor lawyer at Joseph P. Jordan LTD.

Attorney Jordan has a proven track record and decades of experience fighting...

Drug crimes: Drug possession with intent to sell | Drug trafficking | Driving under the influence of drugs | Prescription drug fraud | Illegal manufacture of drugs | Drug conspiracy | Operating a methamphetamine lab | Drug distribution in a school zone | Possession of drugs or paraphernalia

Juvenile and collegiate offenses: Drunk and disorderly conduct | Malicious destruction of property | Petty theft | Assault and battery | Underage DUI or OVI | Drug possession | Traffic violations

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White-collar crimes: Fraud | Embezzlement | Bribery and extortion | Money laundering | Forgery | Antitrust violations | Tax evasion | Corporate espionage | Computer hacking | Insider trading | Racketeering and RICO cases | Counterfeiting

You can trust Attorney Jordan to fight your or your child's criminal misdemeanor charges. Contact us now for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

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As a local drug offense lawyer, attorney Jordan can represent you in court anywhere in the Toledo, OH area. That means you won't have to miss work or spend your break traveling to a hearing.

Reach out to Joseph P. Jordan LTD today to speak with a local drug offense lawyer.